Eco Friendly

In these times, clients find themselves with the awkward task of  balancing eco-responsibility and aesthetics with a leaner budget. Lean being the key term here, because it denotes more than simply ‘less’, it denotes power.

I endeavor to steer clients in the direction of ‘most eco bang for their buck’ in making foundation choices in their home. So, I have gathered products that I think are the heavyweight contenders of eco-friendly investments.

Brizo is a green company offering water-saving products, marrying responsible fabrication resources with water conservation and purity.

Elegant design and fantastic finishes.

I recently had a client that was interested in using Marmoleum through Farbo Flooring Systems. Marmoleum is an eco-friendly floor surface that is made derived from linseed, with an MDF and cork backing. I did have a hesitation. Perhaps it was due to a lot of time in the commercial design industry and the ‘go-to’ inexpensive flooring options for high-rises, but I ordered a few large samples of the Click tiles to help my client visualize. In retrospect, Marmoleum does give a degree of manageability to an entry/mudroom in the New England clime. It is an excellent product overall, needing low maintenance (except for high traffic areas) and the cost is equal to that of tile. There are a few things to keep in mind when using Marmoleum. Due to the smooth texture, it does get slippery. Gritty sand will leave residual scuffing on the surface over time. However, it is eco-friendly, and has a low lifetime cost (initial cost + maintenance).

What about using reclaimed hardwood instead of freshly farmed hardwoods? Carlisle Floors, located in New England, offer a gorgeous array of hardwoods in a variety of price ranges. When you enter a room with reclaimed hardwoods, you can really see the difference in patina and markings that only come with age. This is a Post Consumer Antique Reclaimed Certified company that is responsible and professional supplier of Chestnut, Heartwood Pine and Oak. See more here: Carlisle.

Be still my heart...

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