Solutions, Not Services

I met with a new client this week. As I got to know her family and their needs, she asked what was included in my services. I paused for a moment as I thought about the definition of service, which, by the way, means to supply a helpful activity.

Although I do provide assistance to clients, I think the more appropriate term should be solutions. To me, the term “service” implies transience and vagueness, whereas “solution” implies the method to solving a problem. After all, your home is not a car with a set of fixed parts, that, if a part goes haywire can be serviced. A home is lived in, dynamic, and symbolic of rest, comfort and activity. If the home ceases to meet their current needs, I offer my clients solutions or solid answers to solving their dilemma. I answered my client with “I specify finishes, calculate flow, put professional contractors and artisans at your fingertips, plan and implement budgets; essentially, I provide you with solutions.”

I love the freshness that comes with each new client or project! It allows me to re-evaluate and look at my life’s work anew. Thanks Kate.

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