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Okay, so last week I met with a sweet woman who doesn’t like to surf the web all day to find rugs, organization bins, shelving and restoration hardware for her gorgeous vintage sink.

So I pointed her to the massive sales that are going on with some of my tried and true sources; some of which are highly desirable even if not on sale. Did you know there are certain months where specific home items trend to sale? They do!

For anything closet, I love the flexibility and ease of the new ‘design center’ from the Container Store online.

Ah, sigh, sweet organization!

This handy tool needs only dimensions and needs input, and can be adapted and changed at will to squeeze out every ounce of closet space these beautiful, vintage NE homes have. I mean let us not forget that a mere 80 years ago, the typical adult had two to three outfits that they rotated for special occasions, and the rest were for daily living and working the fields or in the factories (AKA the real simple living before Real Simple Living). One of the closets in question was 2′ wide by (and I am not kidding) 10′ deep!

I digress, so here it is:

For rugs, like the ones below, run do not walk to the Horchow site to snap up a gorgeous heirloom bargain.

A little jaguar goes a long way!

Woodgrain done subtle, posh and unpretentious.

If anyone knows how much work goes into these cuts, they will surely see what a steal this one is!

Okay, I could post these yummy rugs all day, but, you get the picture.

For renovation hardware, I came across this site in my research:

1395. for major restoration store compared to this one at 250.:

Cute, simple, gets the job done, and fits the sink!

So before you endlessly cruise the internet, lay out a strategic plan.

First, list out your priority pieces. Rugs and organizing bones (the good ones) in your closet take presidence. Think of these pieces as foundation, right behind painting the wall and trim.

Next, hit the sites by googling specifics, ie)  wool rug sales. The big volume stores come first usually, but do not be tempted by price alone. Rugs are a long term investment, so care should be taken when purchasing.

Third, have you colors specific, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, on to the next item you go. Trust that your vision will eventually come together.

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