Bathroom Spaces

I’ve been putting together some ideas for a bathroom remodel that is underway, so here are some thoughts and images of inspiration…

Many still suffer from the idea that dark colors shrink a space – on the contrary! Rich colors, particularly cool colors offer an intimate, sumptuous comfort to small rooms – especially powder baths. Look at these beauties:

Can we say chic? You'd have to pry me out of here.

That deep eggplant makes the white pop and feel fresh!

Lighting – not enough can be said.

Those adjustable lamps could save many a marriage, yes?

Stripes can be fabulous in cramped quarters! A little goes a long, and elegant, way…

Love the chevron pattern. I've done a more muted marble pattern before, but would love to do this in a client's home!


Kloltz's bold and exhilarating tent!

A contemporary Napoleonic bath! Love!

Sublime Deco sweetness!

Super large-scale pattern and reflected surfaces rock a small space!

Bathrooms can be more daring than other areas of the home. While they should relate to the rest of the home, bathrooms can be a dramatic world unto themselves! I try to branch clients out here – use your favorite color, add artwork, pattern and lots of keyed lighting!

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