Deco on the Brain

I am currently working on a Deco era home, see here, and am noticeably obsessed with all things from the period. I recall swooning over the furnishings and architecture during my first year of undergrad and even chose it for a Design Theory 101 commercial practicum infused with Asian Modernism. It is the malleable nature of Art Deco that makes it a classic and timeless style to pull from.

The Art Deco period lasted from the late 1920’s until mid (war era) 1940’s. It was a global phenomenon whose impetus came from archeological discoveries abounding at the time, particularly from Egypt. Geometry ruled this period, as well as industry. The rich metals adorning the contents of the tomb chambers, low, curvy-legged chairs, and stylized forms became the tell tales elements of this period.

America took the French Deco style and made it an accessible luxury for the masses…

The Empire State in New York

The lobby

Miami has a preservation ordinance (and money to back it) that keeps gems like these alive and vibrant, even today, as vacation destinations.

The Berkley in Miami

The Breakwater in Miami

The only rival to Miami would be the city of Los Angeles; absolutely brimming with Deco buildings and furnishings. Where there was money, there was Deco, and Hollywood sold it as a glamorous commodity. You will even find great examples in small Texas towns that are a blip on the map today.Where there was money, there was Deco.

Acanthus, as was abundantly depicted in Egyptian tombs, was big.

the Klismos

Soft, low curves


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