The “W” word, really

So, for those of you that know and have worked with me, you probably know of my absolute love of exotic wallpapers for their sublime potential. I am no absolutist about wall covering; rather, I like to use it strictly for affect, not everywhere! For me, it’s the dual edged “W” word – we have all seen it overdone or done poorly, but it has massive impact if done sparingly and with purposeful intention.

Seasons come and go as do design trends, but have you ever been in a powder bath and wanted to linger there for its intimate beauty?

Yes, I admit it, whenever visiting a new restaurant or attending a dinner party at a fabulous home, I will make a beeline for the powder room. I think you can tell a  great deal about a client’s personality and aesthetic from their powder bath. This is a room that is a great deal like those first impressions after the tension passes on a first date – you see nuance and layers, good, dangerous or plain vanilla.

So what makes it on my radar?

The ceiling for one. Look up my friend. There is a most underrated and under-used area in the powder that can create a surprising and long-lasting impression. And, I must say, it is my favorite place to use a fantastic wall covering.

Texture, please! So often this is a major problem –  sterile, shiny, institutional processed surfaces  are like comparing American cheese product to a fine Camembert. This is the one place that should be dimensional and layered. I am a strong believer in balancing textures, soft with hard, metal with wood, shiny with flat. Don’t be afraid to mix it up to avoid the off the shelf Home Depot look vortex.

So who are the wall covering design companies that I drool over?


If you have never had the opportunity to possess, feast your eyes on and swoon over this companies offerings, you simply have not lived!

Sculptural micro beads that take the light for a kaleidoscope effect

Mother of Pearl in a chevron pattern

Who wouldn’t want to linger here?

Mother of Pearl installed

Anniversary Collection

Painstakingly hand-knotted hemp

Wood marquetry

These wood veneers are amazing! I have used the diamond pattern in an enormous entry with 30′ ceilings to bring the space down to a more intimate, human level. I won’t lie – it’s a jaw dropper each and every time someone new walks through their door.

Watch this video about his philosophy and artistic aesthetic:

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