Words to live by


My mother used to say

listen as if there will be a test after all your social interactions and you will never miss much!”

Listening and hearing what others say is so important in both my personal and professional life. Interior Design is a particular industry where these two worlds often meld seamlessly at times, and demand an openness, a flexibility and a generosity that perhaps is not necessarily found in all careers.

However, I think this melding is what keeps things positive, transparent, and supports relationship growth.

Design is not simply about choosing colors and specifying furnishings; on the contrary, it’s about relationships, planning, implementing and outcomes. Certainly, it is about giving of yourself, your ideas, and your dedicated energy to fulfilling others hopes, and sometimes keeping their sanity.

I have clients that repairs spleens, nurse the dying, teach society’s youth, councel  government, curate artists, develop new energies, publish works, develop land, create patents, compose music, create technologies to name a few; but each of them, we, contribute to the world- we give what our gifts dictate.

So this is my two-cent soapbox spiel to get out there and share what we have while honoring others and their contributions!

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