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With Spring here, many of us are not even considering an in-home gym, but are looking to the outdoors and the quality time spent there. However, now is the perfect time to begin any construction projects that you plan to take advantage of in another 5 months.

Consider this, if the space is attractive and comforting, energizing, then how much more likely are you to look forward to time spent there? Treadmills are not meant for the Living Room. Bedsides it’s unattractive and mechanical appearance, it’s bad Feng Shui, inducing feelings of anxiety and guilt, pushing out the living aspect of joyful socializing and relaxation, and striking an imbalance in your home’s energy.

Johnathan Feldman via Elle Decor

Johnathan Feldman via Elle Decor

Sometimes, finding the space to create a gym/workout space can be challenging, but I challenge you to think outside the box when it comes to carving out a special space to care for your temple. Properly allocated space for full movement needs to be considered of course, but how about a small walk in closet or nursery that you seldom use for anything but storage?

*60% of designers believe home gyms are a significant and crucial amenity in luxury homes. But I would further that and state that it is crucial for any home. We have all heard about the health related benefits of working out, but I know it is difficult for many to get to the gym with their busy life-styles.

Finding out when you would work out helps to locate an appropriate area of the home in which to exercise. I prefer to work out in the wee morning hours; I find that it helps me focus. Many of my clients have absolutely FULL schedules where they begin their day early to be home early, and find that working out at in the early evening works for them, or carve out time in the energy-lull of the afternoon to reset.

Do you want to plug-in during this time or unplug? Would you like to watch the sunrise while working out? Perhaps while watching a favorite TV program? Maybe while your little ones are down for a nap? Everyone’s motivation and needs are different, find what yours are and go from there.

via Houzz

via Houzz

One of the tightest and best workout space that I have ever created was a 6×8′ walk-in-closet. I had the exterior door to the bedroom removed, relocating it to the hall, thereby freeing up an additional long wall for a convertible full-size treadmill (where the track fold upright) and a space-saving stacked weight set.

I added a full length mirror on the opposite short wall and ceiling to aid in body positioning and increase the overall spatial feel of the room. I changed the hardwoods to a low-level loop pile carpet to add a vibrational barrier for the floor below and supply adequate padding for weights.

In addition, I added a wall-mounted flat screen for video and cable feed and ceiling mounted speakers from the existing audio system to pipe my client’s favorite tunes right in to the space. The existing solid-core door was replaced with an elegant wide louver to add air circulation.

These particular clients are very busy people, so they wanted a spa-like feel to help them unwind, stay on task and sustain motivation. I chose a muted green with pure white trim to seamlessly flow with the natural wool Berber and sheer natural grass woven soft blinds.

What would your perfect indoor gym look like? How would you want it to function? Who else might be using it?

Suites de la Potiniere

Suites de la Potiniere

Kids? via Houzz

Kids? via Houzz

Want more? Read this article about Frank Gehry’s newest endeavor – Manhattan’s La Palestra, discussing home gyms and how they should function.

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2 thoughts on “Home Gyms

  1. Renelyn Everette on said:

    This is so true. We really need some place for exercising where it can inspire us to do the fitness. Yes, a place where we can relax ourselves, have a carefree feeling, and peace of mind, could surely bring out the positve vibes within us.

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