Alchemy or ‘How to See Your Home as a Stranger’

I believe in the alchemical process of making a home environment an extension of the positive relationships and experiences that comprise a well lived life.

What is alchemy?

Alchemy is a transformation of matter, where various, sometimes seemingly incompatible elements, are combined to make a space flow and be desirable to inhabit.

Old school alchemy

Design alchemy is a powerful tool to understanding yourself, the way in which you live, and reconciling any unbalanced or negative-feed areas of your home.

I see design as having two major aspects – the basics of function and beauty that run alongside that of energy. This idea of mine may initially seem like mumbo jumbo, but I guarantee that if you do this simple exercise, you will become very aware of what you are subconsciously bathing in each and every day from your surroundings.

Do this:

Take a walk through your home as if a stranger; really taking in what you see, smell, feel.

Begin the exercise by walking outside, closing the door and taking a few moments to make your thoughts neutral. Walk through the front door, pause, look around. Make your way through the home room by room. Try not to get distracted by altering anything at that moment. What sticks out will become evident. Ask yourself if the contents reflect your best experiences.

1) What does the condition say about you? What areas bring you down, feel chaotic, empty or vacant?

2) Are large pieces of furniture jammed up against the wall, too close to one another? Furniture and its placement should first and foremost hold intention!  

3) Is there a color that reminds you of a place that you once lived that has negative memories?

These small nuanced aspects of your home can have a significant impact, and unfortunately, they are registering only in our subconscious, so we are not even aware that this inner dialogue is taking place.

A welcoming collectors library

I love this studio space by O’Brien

It is uplifting and reassuring to surround ourselves with objects that speak to us and provoke affirming feelings begins and ends each day with a positive emotional vibe.

Our home is an extension of ourselves – it should be cared for and nurtured just as we do for ourselves and those around us.

Have fun with this exercise, and feel free to share your results!

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