It’s Spring – AKA: Renovation and Update time…


I have a handful of questions that I ask clients before diving in to any particular sector of the house. Your home is a living environment that must be adapted as we grow and change as a family and as individuals. For this reason, it is essential to do these small assessments on a yearly basis – yes, annually! Why? Well, a small shift from a new school, change in waking hours, change in health regimen to larger shifts such as children leaving for college can radically affect how we use the spaces of our home, and more importantly – how we feel.

floor plan

Remodel on the brain?

Answer these tried and true questions first. If working alone, I suggest putting pen to paper to get a clear and concrete picture of your needs and desires.

1) What is working well in the home now? Think about traffic flow, space allocation (enough, too little), storage.

2) What spaces pose the greatest problem to optimal living? A space or two can create a very real domino effect of dysfunction.

3) Is there a space that I catch myself avoiding? You know quickly that there is a space that you steer clear from because it seems that to deal with it is insurmountable. *Hint* This is a major flag!

No space in your home should instill in you a deep dread!

4) Are there 2-3 spaces inter-connected in their need for a re-do or overhaul? Some spaces can seem unrelated, say the master closets and the laundry room, but when you unpack your needs, you find distinct connections.

Before meeting with a professional designer, these questions should give you a wonderful place to start the creative process in adapting your space. If you have a design dilemma – contact us! That’s what we ‘re here for.

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