Design to Your Door

Design to Your Door
 Online Services

Affordable online interior design advice delivered directly to you! 

The Design to Your Door  is an amazing virtual service that successfully connects our design services with client design needs over long distances for a nominal investment. Our team will suggest actual pieces and provide you with direct links to quickly make your dream a reality, at your own pace, all at a fraction of the cost of a full design service.

This Service is for you:

If you are busy, with a limited budget, and need guidance pulling it all together

If you live in a rural or remote location without access to professional design services.

If you are
 in need of professional staging to sell your home quickly and for the most money.

Contact us for a detailed client questionnaire, then submit emailed photos and basic room measurements. That’s it!

Within 2-3 weeks you will receive a customized design scheme to satisfy your individual needs. The room package fee is $295.00 (rate available for multiple rooms), payable through a link you will provided to Paypal, and includes:

  • Furniture specifications
  • Color Specifications
  • Links to On-line Sources to purchase suggested pieces
  • A Layout Schematic
  • Mood Board

Interested? Give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations!


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